Workshops Introduction

Manufacturing Workshop

Workshop Layout

The manufacturing workshop is mainly used for manufacturing and overhaul. It covers an area of 1,000,358.66m2. The capacity is 1500 cars/year.

Brief Introduction Of Equipment
The bogie static load test bench

The bogie static load test bench, produced by the Swiss company NENCKI, uses a steel main frame structure with stable double-sided columns and horizontal beams to ensure the accuracy of the test results. The gauge adopts sensors and an automatic measuring system to realize fully automatic adjustment.

CNC wheelset press-fit machine

The main wheelsets and brake discs of the CNC wheelset press-fit machine are press-fitted by German MAE company. It can realize the automatic press-fitting of brake discs, wheels and axles, back pressure oil injection and unloading, etc., with a high degree of automation, which can be used every 8 hours. 20 sets of wheel sets are press-fitted.

Wheelset dynamic balancing machine

 The wheel set dynamic balance is mainly used for the dynamic balance test of the wheel set after pressing, to detect the unbalance amount and phase point of the wheel set and automatically mill to remove weight.

FMS flexible intelligent processing line

 The FMS flexible intelligent processing center production line adopts the FMS flexible intelligent processing system and the processing CNC plane center. The processing line is controlled through software and electrical control system. It has extremely high automation and intelligence. It can be widely used in the bogie production of urban rail cars and municipal vehicles.

Three coordinate measuring machine

The equipment is produced by the Italian DEA company, and is composed of a host (Machine), a software system (Software System), and a detection system (Probing System). It is easy to operate and has high measurement accuracy, strong environmental adaptability and can meet various measurements, and has high safety. For large-size parts measurement can achieve high efficiency, high precision and operational reliability.

Frame annealing furnace

The skeleton of the annealing furnace is welded by various section steels. The outer frame is made of channel steel as the main beam, the coaming plate is made of cold thin plate, the trolley is made of channel steel as the main beam, and the bottom plate and front and rear plates are medium plates. This equipment is mainly used for stress-relieving annealing and aging heat treatment processes for frame weldments.

CNC plane boring and milling machine

The machine adopts the layout form of movable worktable, fixed beam, plane frame structure, and bolted connection between double columns and both sides of the bed. The worktable moves longitudinally along the guide rail of the bed (X axis), the saddle moves laterally along the beam guide rail (Y axis), and the headstock moves up and down along the saddle (Z axis). This equipment is mainly used to process the welding grooves of beams and side beam components.

Single station of beam, side beam, frame welding robot

Each welding robot system is installed upside down by a RTe 499 welding robot, and can move in a straight line along the track axis left and right, up and down, and a rotatable and swingable C-shaped frame is arranged under the longitudinal slide rail beam with 2-axis dual-position displacement machine. The robot can rely on the orbital axis to move in the space above the welding station to ensure that the welding seam is reachable.

Under the control of the central computer, the coordinated actions of industrial robots, orbital moving axis, welding power supply and welding gun cleaning mechanism are automatically controlled. The welding robot is equipped with sensors for finding the starting point of the weld and tracking the weld.

IGM welding equipment

The company has several internationally renowned IGM automated welding equipment manufacturers. Cover all the key processes of the traction sleeper, side walls, underframe, side beams, roof and car body. Among them, the 6-axis dedicated welding robot can ensure the accessibility of welding in a narrower space, and it is equipped with a tactile sensor type gas nozzle and a laser welding seam tracking sensor to ensure the quality of the welding seam.

Double-station aluminum alloy plane machining center

The double-station aluminum alloy plane machining center is produced by the internationally renowned Fooke company, with high machining accuracy, high degree of automation and remarkable production efficiency. It adopts modern 5-axis linkage plane structure to move the beam structure, and is equipped with a wireless workpiece measurement system to automatically adjust the cutting position to ensure the cutting quality and improve the automation efficiency.

Underframe spot welding system

The plane movable type is equipped with a plane automatic spot welding robot, which is used for welding the side beams of the underframe and the corrugated floor of the underframe. At the same time, it is equipped with 2 manual spot welding machines and 1 set of balancer, which can realize manual welding for the welding of the underframe composition.

Side wall synthetic spot welding system

The side wall composite spot welding system adopts a plane movable structure, and welding can be carried out at any position in the length direction of the X axis. It is used for the welding of the outer panel and the frame of the side wall composed of the side wall of the urban rail stainless steel car body, the welding of the end wall frame and the wall panel, and the welding of the side wall composite.

Side wall skeleton spot welding system

The side wall skeleton spot welding system is a plane cantilever type, equipped with automatic and manual welding equipment. It can realize common rail operation of 2 welding equipment. The equipment is equipped with a quick pliers changing mechanism, and each equipment can use any handle pliers.

Car body composition system

The car body composition system is symmetrically arranged on the left and right sides of the upper part of the workstation. Each suspension system can hang a set of fully automatic C-shaped welding guns to complete the combined spot welding of the roof and side walls, and can realize manual and automatic switching. Two sets of lower roundabout welding equipment (welding trolley form) are used to complete the combined spot welding of the side wall and the underframe. Two sets of plane systems, each plane hangs a manual X-type welding tongs to complete the combined spot welding of the end wall and the roof, the end wall and the side wall.

Intelligent Logistics

The logistics center is equipped with intelligent storage modes such as intelligent station storage, intelligent warehouse, and intelligent micro container. Through the use of intelligent AGV (automatic guided transport vehicle) to connect with the logistics management system, the automatic distribution of materials is realized to meet the production needs.

Station Storage
Intelligent Warehouse
Intelligent Micro Container