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The First Train of Beijing Metro Line 12 Delivered to Depot

On the morning of September 8th, 2022, the first train of Beijing Metro Line 12 arrived at the Dongba depot.

RTTE undertook the design and production for the Beijing Metro Line 12 project (Package B), which was launched in August 2020 and the first train group was approved of factory acceptance in December 2021. Currently, RTTE is facilitating subsequent vehicle commissioning and trial operation works.

Beijing Line 12 is a completely automatic operating line, the configuration of vehicle is 4+4 flexible marshalling type-A cars. The maximum operating speed is 80km/h, the vehicle adopts the Grade of Automation-Level 4 (GOA4) driving technology. Also, Line 12 will be able to switch to cross-line mixed running mode with Beijing Subway Line 3, which can improve operational efficiency significantly.